Ageing’s not what it used to be – how to enjoy staying younger longer

Fifty and fabulous. Sixty and sexy. Seventy and still got it… one hundred and winning at life. We can all expect badges with these inscriptions for future birthdays – because it’s a fact that we’re living longer.

Turning 50 used to be seen as the beginning of the decline into old age. Not anymore. In the UK, the number of people over 100 has more than doubled since 2002. And by 2024 there’ll be 18 million of us over 60.

Research has found that at 50, we worry less, feel happier and are more confident. Major life decisions are behind us. Our children are growing up and we have more spare time. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a new lease of life. Here are a few ideas how…

  • Get creative with a home improvement project to create a space you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Spend time with your partner – enjoy a mini-break, holiday or even extended travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • If you’re single, use the time to give dating a whirl. The internet makes it easier than ever.
  • Learn something new. Now’s the time to take up French, flamenco dancing or whatever takes your fancy.

Careful planning is the key to enjoying your extra freedom. That means financial planning too – for now and the decades ahead. Whether you want more disposable income, want to free up cash to enjoy life, or need to consolidate for the future, Crystal can help.

Trusted financial experts, we offer clear, straight-forward guidance, policies and products. If you want access to a lump sum – to enjoy your free time – ask us about freeing up cash from your pension. We know what to do if you want to boost pensions, savings or investments too.

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