Can saving money save the world?

Fast fashion. Single-use cups, cutlery, and video screens. Gig economy jobs. ‘Swipe right’ dating. We live in an era where goods, experiences and even romance are increasingly fleeting and disposable. As consumers, we demand more for less. More things, more functions and more convenience for less money, less time and less hassle.

We want our gratification instant, cheap and throwaway, with scant concern for the future – ours and the planet’s. Consider this: we’ve become conditioned to spend and consume at such an accelerated rate that there’s little money left to put by.

Crystal’s 2019 Customer Survey found that people aged 35-44 were the least satisfied with the amount of money they save. Step forward Greta Thundberg. She’s more famous for environmental activism than giving financial advice, so you may be asking: “How can she help me save money?”

Greta’s the poster girl for a sea change in attitudes and behaviours in response to the climate crisis. For example, at a recent date of her live tour, Great British Bake Off presenter Sandi Toksvig said Greta inspired her to trade in her beloved gas-guzzling mustang for a more environmentally friendly car. Adopting lifestyle changes like this are usually more economical too.

Here are some simple ways to buck the trend of ‘hyper consumerism,’ do your bit to save the planet – and save some money to put away for your future:

  • Batch prepare your food at home for the week. This means less waste from packaged lunches and you could save £60 a month.
  • Buy a water filter jug and a reusable bottle. Say goodbye to plastic waste and paying for bottled water.
  • Invest in your own coffee machine and buy a reusable cup. Making your own coffees cuts down on waste and could save you upwards of £35 a month.
  • Buy quality goods at a higher price but with a longer lifespan. It saves you money and reduces landfill in the long run.

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