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Changing your pension to one that achieves just 1% extra growth per year could improve your pension value by £64,000***

What is a pension & why do I need one?

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you are going to manage financially when you retire. Most people know that having a pension is the best way of funding your life once you finish work. However, pensions can at first appear confusing.

Simply put, a pension is the most tax-efficient means of saving for your retirement. A pension will provide you with a regular, secure income once you’ve stopped working.

The sooner you begin investing money into a pension, the more chance you’ll have of enjoying the lifestyle you want when you retire.

We are offering a no obligation pension review at no initial cost to you. This will enable you to understand how you can make the most from your pension

How much will my pension be?

The amount you receive in monthly pension payments and/or a lump sum will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The age at which you want to retire
  • The amount you've contributed to the scheme
  • the type of workplace pension scheme you're enrolled in
  • The amount your employer has contributed to the scheme
  • The age at which you joined the scheme
  • The performance of the pension scheme

People who receive professional financial advice are on average £40,000 better off in their retirement goals*

Why should I review my pension?

If you are unhappy on how your pension is performing or don’t know enough about your current pension then a review will help you understand your current pension and how it could be improved.

Peace of Mind

Find out how your pension is performing to get clarity and peace of mind on what your retirement might look like.


Taking action to review your pension now will allow you time to make changes and improvements so you can have the retirement you deserve.

Plan for the future

Making pension plans now will ensure you know how you would finicially manage in retirement.

Increase Value

By reviewing your pension you could be better off in your retirement and reach your pension goals sooner.

27% of the UK population don't know enough about their pension.

Work out your pension age

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The form is designed to give you an indicative approximation of when you could retire dependent on your pension savings and how much you would like to retire on.  See how your pension pot could be improved by starting your Pension Review today.

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