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Meet Tony, CEO

After spending an early career working in large corporations I started on the path to creating my own business after reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. A couple of false starts later I formed Crystal in 2009 just after the banking crisis and UK recession started to hit home.The UK was in pain, the banks weren’t loved at the time and I saw an opportunity to build a business helping clients rightfully reclaim money that was theirs in a time of need. An opportunity to build a business to help people to get their money back from these large institutions evolved and the rest, as they say, is history.

I quickly built a team with a shared passion for this cause and the joy of sharing good news with clients was the fuel that spurred us on back then and to this day. There is a still a buzz we all get from righting wrongs and making sure that these large banks paid what was rightfully owed back into the accounts of good people.

Over the years we’ve helped tens of thousands of clients achieve redress and the money really does mean a variety of things to different people. Sometimes we achieve life changing sums of money which have allowed early retirement, a holiday of lifetime or a dream car but many times our service results in giving our customers the simple joy of clearing debt and enjoying the freedom that having more of their salary available each month to spend on things that they want rather than bills then need to pay. These and many other stories are the fuel that drives our commitment and grow our passion for spreading happiness.

People often write to us with thank you cards about the difference the results achieved by our team will make to their lives and you really can’t ask for a bigger reward than that.

The company has grown but we’ve worked hard to retain the family, people-focused nature of the business because of our simple ethos. If we care about our team then they will care about our clients. We are a large family now, not a faceless corporate; for me this is what makes the difference and it shows in the service we provide, the results we achieve and the smiles we bring.

As for me? I’m a regular husband and Dad with a family who fights over the telly remote, who loves his work, loves taking the dog for a walk and helping make a difference wherever possible.

Tony Shields

Most entrepreneurs have a really great story where they tell you how they wanted to change the world or leave a lasting legacy.

Mine is a little more basic than that.

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Crystal Legal Services Ltd is a claims management company Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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