Fortune favours the savers…

“It’ll never happen to me.” But it might. Unless you have a crystal ball that can foresee the future, it makes sense to save some of your earnings in case the unexpected occurs.

We live in an unpredictable age. Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. Modern life is changing faster than ever before – and there’s a global climate emergency calling for societal transformation on a worldwide scale.

With everything around us moving so rapidly, it’s easy to feel adrift, tossed around on the waves of twenty first century life. Saving regularly is the anchor that can give us stability in a turbulent world.

The Crystal customer survey found that 49% of respondents aren’t happy with the savings they have. But there are plenty of compelling reasons to squirrel away a portion of your salary every month. It provides a financial cushion for sudden loss of income or unexpected home, car or medical expenses.

Saving also allows you to realise your dreams – travel, holidays, the car or home improvements you’ve been yearning for. It can help your children benefit from a university education. A robust pension will see you through retirement too.

Set out a strategy to be a savvy saver. Budgeting is key. What’s left once you’ve deducted your expenses from your net income? Are there any expenses you can reduce or cut out? Is there anything you spend money on that you could eliminate and put towards saving?

Tips for saving money:

  • Save windfall income. Money back on your tax return? Grandma left you something in her will. Put it in the bank!
  • Shop around. Utilities, travel tickets, insurance, cinema deals – the internet is an invaluable resource for hunting for cheap deals.
  • Break a habit. Smoking is the obvious one, but what about your daily latte at the cafe?
  • Have a ‘buy nothing’ week once in a while.

Here at Crystal, you can find financial experts who offer clear, straight-forward information and guidance – and a free no obligation consultation. We can help you grow and protect your finances for a better, sweeter future. To speak a specialist about your financial well-being call us on 01270 446600.

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