August 19, 2020

Get money smart via your smartphone


Crystal Group

“People in the UK check their smartphones every 12 minutes – according to a 2018 Ofcom report.”

What’s more, the Crystal Customer Survey found that people spend more time shopping around for a mobile phone than any other financial product.

Get money smart via your smartphone

That’s no surprise – it’s revolutionised our lives. It helps us work, rest, play, learn, stay in touch and improve our lifestyles. Fitness trackers, calorie counters and meditation apps – there are myriad ways to look after your wellbeing via your phone.

The same applies when it comes to financial wellbeing. If you’re tackling debt, want to be better at budgeting or need to do your taxes – there are apps that can help. How would you like to improve your financial management? Give it some thought and invest time researching the digital tools that will allow you to do that.

For example, Monzo calls itself ‘the bank that lives in your smartphone’ and lets you manage your money as well as hold it. Emma is a useful app for finding wasteful subscriptions. Money Dashboard helps you budget for future goals. Even HMRC has an app for tax, benefits and savings. Find the ones that best suit your particular needs.

A word of caution though, checking your phone every 12 twelve minutes may mean you’re addicted! It’s an easy trap to fall into. Here are some tips to stay out of that trap:

  • When you don’t absolutely need your phone, put it somewhere out of reach.  
  • Buy an alarm clock to wake you up. Keep the phone away from your bed.
  • Don’t let a quick phone check turn into hours of endless scrolling. Set the phone’s timer to jolt you out of what researchers call the ‘lucid loop.’
  • Turn off all non-necessary notifications.
  • Delete the most addictive apps or move them into a folder that’s out of sight.

At Crystal, we love technology, and providing financial guidance with a personal touch. Contact us for a free, face-to-face consultation to see how we can help you recover, grow and protect your finances.

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