PPI Tax Reclaim

Recovery of overpaid income tax

We will recover any overpaid tax on your financial claim win.

Assessing your pay-out package

The refund of PPI premiums and other financial wins isn’t taxable, but if 8% notional interest has been added to your refund, this is treated by the bank you complained to as taxable income, regardless of your individual taxpayer status. However, sometimes you can claim some tax back.

20% tax back

Reclaim 20% tax back on your previous financial wins without having to do any heavy lifting.

Digital process

Hate paper forms? So do we. To make things easy, we’ve digitised the claims process for you.

Keep it simple

If you used Crystal for your PPI claim you can find out quickly if you are eligible for tax reclaim too.

What is it?

Tax reclaim explained

In April 2016, Personal Savings Allowance legislation was passed allowing taxpayers to earn a certain amount of interest as tax-free savings. You can reclaim tax paid on your financial wins if you have stayed within your threshold or tax has wrongly been applied to a payment to you.

Reclaim process

HMRC do not automatically refund overpaid tax on interest payments – a claim must be made.

Multiple forms

If you received multiple PPI pay-outs in different tax years, you will need to complete a form for each.

Time limit

You normally have four years from the overpayment to claim a refund.

Automatic deduction

Financial payouts (inc. PPI) still automatically have around 20% of tax deducted from them.

Find the value of your claim

Using the slider, tell us how much your PPI claim payout was and we can estimate how much money you could be owed!

Estimated Claim Value**



Are you eligible?

If you’ve received compensation for a financial claim, it’s always worth seeing if you have a valid claim for a tax refund. But if any of the following rings true, you stand a greater chance of being successful.

  • You pay basic rate of tax or are a non-tax payer
  • You are unsure of your personal savings allowance
  • Your payout was within the last four years
  • You’re unsure if you paid tax on your financial claim pay-out
Start your claim

Getting repaid should be a piece of cake

We put in all the hard work so you don’t have to. All we need to start taking back your slice of money is a few details.

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Reclaims experience

1st rate service

I have now used the Crystal Group about 4 times now, hassle free, excellent service. I did recommend to my son and he also received excellent service. 

Maureen Rowland, 2021

Very impressed

I have just has a tax rebate back which I never knew I was eligible for until being contacts by Crystal. Would recommend anyone use their services!

Sharon Harris, 2021

Excellent service

Crystal recovered over £2,000 for me which I did not know I had any entitlement. It cannot get better than that! So from my experience I could not recommend them more highly. 

Richard Woolley, 2021

Excellent, efficient service

Very professional, informative, no pressure and very friendly and helpful.

Maureen Eastwood, 2021

Fantastic service

I was sceptical at first but I have to admit the team were brilliant. Great service!

Adam Willbourn, 2021

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