PPI – What’s your excuse for not checking?

PPI – What’s your excuse for not checking?

The PPI deadline is now less than 4 weeks away and there is estimated to be £30b in compensation yet to be claimed. We’re experts in PPI – having worked in claims management for over 10 years and helped over 100,000 people check for PPI. However, there were many people who decided to not go ahead with their PPI check, with so many excuses why. Here is a list of the main excuses!

I don’t have the time

Starting your PPI check is a simple process – whether you do this with your lenders yourself or with Crystal. If you have multiple lenders, you will have to give your details multiple times which may start to become time consuming.  The advantage with Crystal is that you only need to give your details once (this takes about 10 minutes) and we will deal with all the lender responses on your behalf.

“I didn’t do much at all, made a phone call filled in a short form and signed a few bits of paper and Crystal did the rest. And I got a nice little unexpected amount of money back.”

I don’t think I am owed PPI

There are many reasons that your PPI has been mis-sold to you, even if you agreed to take the policy when taking out your finance. For example if you were unemployed at the time of purchasing the policy, had a pre-existing medical condition or had savings, your PPI may have been mis-sold.

“I did not think I had ever had PPI, I was wrong, Crystal Legal were BRILLIANT, not only were they a pleasure to deal with, they also got me back just under £10,000. Incredible.”

I didn’t pay for PPI when I took out finance

Many of our customers have said just this and have been surprised when we not only find PPI payments on their finances but able to claim compensation for them.

“5* Service and positive result on a policy I didnt even realise I had taken out over 20 years ago. They done all the work for me and got £5000 back. Found several PPI payments I forgot about.”

I don’t have any account numbers

Don’t worry, part of our service will help locate your accounts with your known lenders and possibly uncover lenders you had forgotten about or didn’t even realise you had paid PPI on. All we need to start the location process is the name of your bank and your previous names & addresses you may have had.

“Pretty straightforward. Found that I had a claim even though I had no paperwork.”

I’ve already claimed

Many banks have admitted to making errors when historically checking for PPI. They have either wrongly informed the customer no PPI has been found, or incorrectly calculated the compensation. Additionally in 2017, a landmark case, Plevin vs Paragon Finance, changed the rules of PPI compensation, so many PPI claims which may have been correctly rejected pre 2017 may now be eligible for compensation.

“Discovered over £4,000 which no other company traced. Elated with their service and so recommended.”

I’ll do it myself

This is certainly an option, but there have been 10 years of opportunity to start your PPI check. There is now less than 4 weeks to go, so we suggest you start to speak to your lenders now to ensure your complaint has been registered before the deadline. Alternatively, you can speak to us, get your check started with one phone call and we will do the rest.

“I had done my own checks before and successful. Crystal looked into it and was successful in securing a £12,000+ pay out with 1 of the companies I had PPI with and did not know.”

With only 4 weeks to go to the PPI deadline, people are running out of excuses NOT to check their finances for PPI. Whether you do check for PPI with your lenders yourself or use Crystal to help you, our advice is to start now. Unfortunately, phone lines become engaged, post gets lost and websites crash! The final excuse “I ran out of time” is something that we will be unable to help with.

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