The cost of dying – don’t leave your loved ones to cover the shortfall

Nobody likes talking about death, but with the cost of dying at an all-time high, planning a funeral will relieve a lot of pressure for your nearest and dearest.

Imagine the grief of losing a loved one, compounded by the stress of meeting funeral costs. It happens all too often. In 2018, a reported 62% of people had put money aside for their funeral. Of those that had, many did not put aside enough and over a third of families had to make up the shortfall.

According to SunLife’s latest Cost of Dying Report, in 2018, the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £4,271. Add in professional fees and the price of a good send-off, and the total cost of dying jumped to £9,204.

If this figure continues to rise at the current rate, the average cost of dying could reach over £10,000 in just three years’ time.

Having a funeral plan in place helps remove the emotional burden and much of the financial worry from your next of kin at a time in their lives when they are least able to cope.

Planning your funeral doesn’t have to be stressful. Talk to your loved ones about what you want – and plan a perfect send-off. Funeral costs vary throughout the country, so look into how much your ideal funeral would cost in your area.

At Crystal, we can help you pre-plan, design and pay for all your end of life services – so there’ll be no unnecessary distress for your loved ones. You can fix the costs at today’s prices too.

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