Content at being insured. How about over insured?

You know what to do if you’re overweight, overtired or overworked. But what if you’re over-insured? Over insurance is paying too much for your cover or having items insured more than once under different policies.

The good news is – unlike diet and exercise regimes to lose weight – rectifying over insurance can be done quickly and easily. With no sweat or pain. Putting some time aside to review your policies could save you money. It will also allow you to enjoy peace of mind that those policies are working for you.

You may be over-insured for your home contents. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, your computer or mobile phone may have gone down in price with the release of newer models. The cost to replace them will be less than the value at purchase but your premiums could be based on the original price.

Those same items may also be insured on several different policies. Banks offer monthly fee accounts that often include phone and gadget insurance. It’s a good idea to check, because you may be paying for phone insurance when you already have it with your bank.

Want to ensure you’re not over-insured? Crystal can help. We’re trusted experts and we believe it’s never okay to get bad advice. We offer clear, straightforward guidance and policies.

We can help you find reliable, appropriate cover and prevent you from paying more than you need. We only work with home insurance providers who pay out over 95% of claims and payout quickly. Our providers have a slick app for claims and their fastest ever payout took just 36 minutes to reach the claimer’s account!

Get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation – and see how we can help you organise your finances for a better, sweeter, more secure future. Call us on 0161 9740881 or visit our Financial Well-Being website for more information.

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